Our courses offer the convenience of learning on your own with instructor support and feedback when you need it. Here is a step-by-step description of how a course works from registration to final completion.


You sign up for a course using the respective Registration page in the site. After you sign up for a course, you will receive your login information that allows you to immediately access your course. Each course may include all or some of the following methods to reach you


  • ASSIGNMENTS in the form of Practice Test Papers, and Term end Mock Tests
  • SUPPORTINGMATERIALS in the form of Power Point Presentations / video lectures, Reading material etc
  • INSTRUCTOREMAIL for sending messages to their instructor
  • DISCUSSIONBOARD for posting messages to the candidates (support ticket system)
  • DOWNLOADCENTER to download Reading materials

Reading and Communicating

Our assignments are essentially practice-test based which gives you the leverage of learning at your convenience. For each assignment, you are required to read course lessons and then complete an assignment. Students typically spend about 4-6 hours per week. The assignments give you the opportunity to practice and apply the concepts that you have read about in the course materials. We provide several ways for you to get the answers:

  • Practice Test Papers – All course modules have well researched online Practice papers. You need to attempt the answers. All the practice papers contain multiple choice answers, however the correct answer will be prompted after you try an answer and if the answer goes wrong. Simultaneously, your mental ability will also be assessed by the system itself. This helps you to have a self assessment
  • Reading material– We have incorporated some reading material and short notes , to get grip of the subject,  wherever necessary
  • Email Communications – At any time, you can contact the instructor via email for one-on-one assistance. Our instructors are prompt in replying to student inquiries — often within a few hours and always within a day.
  • Discussion Board Communications – At any time, you can post a question to the class via the discussion board. In some classes, the discussion board is used to post work items so that they can be shared by the class.
  • Audio or Video Sessions – Depending on the course, wherever necessary
  • Mock tests – You will be also provided with Mock tests at the end of all test papers, comprising all type of questions drawn from various chapters in a random manner. You will have fixed time frame work for answering the questions.  You will be evaluated at the end of the test to make you understand where you stand.

In fact the purpose of our course content is to give you confidence to appear for the various Examinations conducted by Govt. Organizations such as Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) and Indian Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) etc

Submitting Assignments

While the online courses have inbuilt evaluation mechanism, our instructors will be at your beckon call, will review your assignments and provide feedback on one to one basis. They will make suggestions on how to improve the final product so that you learn from the experience and can apply the learning to future assignments. We believe that instructor access and assignment feedback are the fundamental value of our courses.